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Fixes for the dipping issue that occurs on some TV's Devices
I bought the soundbar in January and been having issues with it. It seems to run OK when I've got my iphone playing music via bluetooth to it. However, if I want to listen to the TV (Acoustics Solutions) via the soundbar it can run for around an hour and then the sound switches off. I can then switch the bar back on and it will run for 15-30 minutes, before switching the sound off again. I'm starting to get really frustrated with it now and if I can't find a solution to the problem, I will have to return for a full refund (unfortunately the shop I bought it from is no longer trading as the owners are retiring).

It would be great if I could get some help.

Hi Sawheelhouse,

Apologies, can you tell me the model number of the TV and the first three digits of your bars serial?

Can you try hooking the bar up to any other device that has an active optical output for a minute or so, a games console, Sky/Set top box, dvd, Blu Ray etc? Even if the sound is distorted/a machine gunning noise this is fine. It will reset the Optical connection.

The TV is likely sending an errant/problematic signal which is causing the bar to shut down to protect itself.

If the TV has a headphone/Audio out socket that may also be a better option, it will likely be louder as well and may even have more fidelity.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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I'm trying (and failing) to update the firmware on my A60 as there is no sound coming from the sub. I can't seem to get past putting the files into the CRS BlueCore. I don't think the 32 and 64 files have gone in there as I didn't get a dialog box saying "Successful Installation"

What can I do now, please?

Cheers, John
Hi John,

I would not recommend doing an update for this issue.

Is there an SUB light on the bar?

Have you performed a Reset and BT reset?

Does the sub's own pair light flash at all if the button is depressed for 3 seconds?
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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I picked up a A60 from Curry's last week. It was the display model that suffers from the dipping issue on my Samsung TV, appears to be more prevalent just after changing channel. I'm going to take it back tomorrow as I don't have access to a windows PC to update the firmware. If I buy one direct, will it have the updated firmware and is it likely to fix the dipping issue.
Hi Dougieb,

Apologies, the dipping issue is alleviated by the update to the bar not cured.

From the sounds of it you have more a volume normalisation issue just after changing channels? If you have no AUX/Heaphone out and/or cannot run the optical from a Sky box or similar I would avoid any soundbar that uses optical that being the case.

Samsung have been releasing updates that have fixed (or re broken) the issue on some TV's.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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