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Audio connection to A70, sound drop out digital and bluetooth connections
I have just bought a a70 to connect to a new Samsung 43RU7400UXXU 2019 TV, both bought at John Lewis.

I am dismayed and rather surprised at the connectivity issues that the sounder has with this new TV.

The tV is being used for. Terrestrial, PS4, Netflix, NOwTv, iPlayer apps on the TV, plus the in built Apple TV app. From day one connecting via optical lead the sound drop out and fluctuated whilst watching movies on Apple TV. To the extent it became so annoying, I had to turn off the A70 and resort to the tinny inbuilt speakers that sounded better.

Week 2, I disconnected the optical lead and plumped for Bluetooth only connection. Similar problems watching movies from Apple TV, playback entertainment from NOWTV and netflix. Same drop outs. The TV connects fine from the notification on the TV via bluetooth.

Why am I having these issues?. The soundbar and SW are underneath the TV, 10 cm away. I have refreshed the Bluetooth connection to try and see if that helps, but no change. Any ideas, as you can tell I'm getting frustrated, and I don't do frustration after spending £450

I'm wondering if I made a bad choice and will return the bar under the warranty scheme ?. As the tinny Samsung speakers are strangely providing a better experience than the A70 presently.
Hi Tim,

Connect the optical directly to any of the devices listed sans the TV..... you will get a much better experience.

Unfortunately the Samsung TV firmware is/has been broken for a long time now.

It affects Denon, Bose and others as well as Orbitsound.

I would not recommend Bluetooth for anything video, the lag/lip sync/timing/delay may be an issue.

An Analogue connection from any of the devices if you can may benefit as well. Unfortunately the connection to the TV direct will work, not work in a seemingly endless cycle as Samsung fix/break the TV with updates as they seem to be doing as you can see on their forums/ours etc.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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