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A70 Soundbar switching off

I have an A70 soundbar and subwoofer which is almost 4 years old. It’s worked flawlessly until we got back from holiday and found the Soundbar kept switching off.

It was configured to use Optical with a Sony TV. It would work and then after a few minutes switch off. You can then switch it back on and it would immediately switch off before not responding to being switched on at all.

Removing power, waiting a few seconds and then plugging back in causes it to switch on but then the same behaviour applies.

I’ve removed optical and aux connections, in the brief window of it operating I was able to switch it to Bluetooth, played music from phone and it switched off like it was doing whilst connected to the TV.

Separately I was able to perform a factory reset whilst it was on but no improvement.

It seems to be degrading - after having it unplugged overnight it no longer switches on - red power button on touch screen flashes occasionally but doesn’t respond.

Now at the mercy of the tinny TV speakers. Any ideas on what might be wrong?
Hi Darren,

Try wiping the front with a baby wipe while off, check the PSU/Power box does that flicker or remain steady hen the red light is acting up?
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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