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Nvidia Shield?
I'm just asking this more on hope that you guys know the answer.
I have purchased an A60 soundbar. As you know this uses optical.
I'm also thinking of buying a Nvidia box but this uses hdmi.

When using the A60 and a streaming box do I need to connect the streaming box to TV then tv to the A60.
Or do I connect the streaming box directly to the A60? Which won't work with the Nvidia box
Thanks for any help
Hi PaulD,

There are adapters you can get to work direct with the shield, Bluetooth should also hopefully be an option.

However I would suggest going by/through the TV as your best bet, any other connection may produce a lot of latency/lip sync issues. Depending on the TV.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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Thanks Simon
No worries.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

[Image: orbitsound-sig-logo.png]