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Dolby Digital on A70
(02-09-2019, 02:53 PM)Simon D Wrote: Hi Topgazza,

DD decoding may go into future bars, though for Airsound it can be problematic so we are taking pains to be sure we have all we need in place.

There would be no technical benefit to adding it to any Airsound bar/speaker, though we may add it in future purely for useabilty/user experience.

Older A70's can be updated, there is no real benefit to this save a small improvement to the Samsung TV dipping issue that, as the issue lies with the TV's not producing audio/not with the bar we cannot combat any further.

Thanks Simon. I thought it would make little if any difference. technically it doesnt make sense. I have Sony Bravia so wont be updating unless advised for other reasons

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